Cephalotus follicularis small plant (2-4 cm)
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Cephalotus follicularis small plant (2-4 cm)

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Cephalotus follicularis small plant (2-3 cm diameter). It is a unique plant and grows naturally only in Australia. Unlike other insect, the Cephalotus has distinct leaves no leaf insectivorous insectivorous. The sheets are insectivorous as any normal plant and insect are appendages ending in a vesicle with a lid. Its growth is slower than most of the insectivorous plants and their care is not easy, but finding the ideal conditions will grow so strong and striking. Distribution: A small area in southwestern Australia, on moist soils. Plant Type: Land, in a rosette. Size: Height 15 cm (leaves of winter), jars up to 5 cm. The diameter depends on the size of the rhizome. The cultivation of Cephalotus is not easy. You have to water with caution and to avoid too high temperatures. Moreover, it requires a constantly high humidity. The lids of the jars are inclined downward in hot and dry days for the digestive fluids do not evaporate. When the humidity increases the covers back to their normal position.