Drosera petiolaris complex

SPECIES: Drosera paradoxa, broomensis Drosera, Drosera darwiniensis, derbyensis Drosera, Drosera fulva, kenneallyi Drosera, Drosera ordensis, petiolaris Drosera, Drosera brevicornis, Drosera expires, dilatata-petiolaris Drosera, Drosera falconeri, Drosera lanata.

Temperature: High, around 25 ° C continuously.

LIGHT: The maximum possible, including some species require artificial light to reach the 16 hours of exposure. Therefore, it is usually grown in terrariums.

WATERING AND HUMIDITY: Humidity is also high, always above 80%, irrigation is performed by the method of the tray.

SUBSTRATE: Must be composed of peat and quartz sand in a 1:1 ratio.

REPRODUCTION: By seeds or cuttings division.

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